Our Journey

My husband, Pesach Sherbow and I  landed right smack in the middle of an epic worldwide spiritual revolution.  Looking back, we see that everything in our lives has led us to this moment.   In fact, we think our meeting was a “set-up” by G-d. There is no other explanation why we came together except that there was a job to be done – the job we are doing now at “Torah for the Nations” Education Center in Tzfat. Like many couples these days, we met over the internet. He was “Paul”, a secular Jew in Israel; I was “Sherry”, looking for truth in Texas.  He had an internet radio station and a friend of mine gave me his web address. Long story short, the guy from Israel I listened to over the internet, came to Texas and we got married. We shocked ourselves, and everyone who knew us, by doing what we, and no one else, ever thought we would do; he married a non-Jew after being married 44 years to an Israeli Jewish woman (o b m), I left my six children and countless grandchildren and moved with him to Israel.

About a year after moving to Israel I shocked “Paul” with the news that I wanted to convert to  Orthodox Judaism. Once he realized I was serious, he put his heart and soul into helping me. He began driving me several times a week to be with English-speaking Orthodox women. When he saw how I was thriving in the Tzfat community, he sold the apartment he lived in for thirty years.  We left Haifa and found a cute little place in Tzfat. I call myself and my conversion experience a “Community Project”. The women not only welcomed me to attend their classes, they invited me into their lives. I am so grateful for the friendships and encouragement I received from this extraordinary community in Tzfat.  My conversion process was very organic. We sold our place in Haifa and  moved to Tzfat. We asked for help from the community and we got it . Two years to the day, on March 13, 2018, I had my mikvah and we were married under the chuppah.  We began our relationship as “Paul and Sherry”, then slowly transformed into Pesach and Shira.

There was something else going on at the same time as my conversion; something I had to make peace with. I am a mother. I constantly worry about my children and grandchildren. It was my personal decision to convert to Judaism, but what about my children? Pesach and I had countless conversations and spent hours and hours reading and researching the moral obligations of non-Jews.

It eased my mind to learn my children do not have to convert to Judaism to be in right standing with God.  We worked on putting together a website, “Torah for the Nations” with my children in mind. They can easily access information that took me a lifetime to learn. l study Torah on a daily basis. My “gift” is being able to read for hours and then sum up what I have learned and say it in an interesting and easily understood way. We make ourselves available to our children and others who want to learn about life from a Jewish perspective. I think of  “Torah for the Nations” website as a spiritual inheritance. Those who benefit most are the ones who recognize the Jews as being “a light to the nations” and then try to live by that light.

It was no co-incidence that Pesach and I crossed paths in 2012 and it is no co-incidence we moved to the holy city of Tzfat in 2016. Tzfat is a “city on a hill”. I like to say it is a city for both sight and insight.  It is the perfect place for “Torah for the Nations” to have an Education Center. As a woman, I have the benefit of being able to mingle easily among the various branches of Judaism, but Pesach settled in with Chabad. A few months ago he was given the keys to a Chabad building strategically located in the central hub of Tzfat. This is where you will find him working tirelessly to spread our message; the time is ripe for a worldwide spiritual awakening!