Why we do this

Pesach Sherbow

As most of us have done, I have spent a good part of my 72 years looking for Truth. I wanted to know why to a long list of questions. Born Jewish, raised reformed, always identifying myself as a part of Israel. I went to Conservative and Re-constructionist Judaism. I always had the question: What right do the Rabbis have to tell me what to do? It took a gentile woman (now my wife) looking for the Truth about God to finally get me to understand. I have traveled a very intense road since 1999 working through the various teachings from other religions and then focusing in on Jewish teachings. 15 years reading learning and then being taught by qualified Rabbis and here I am a part of Chabad. I have learned something very important, you do not have to be Jewish or convert for God to love you, redeem you and give you eternal life with Him. Torah for the Nations is now a result. I want to help others, Jews and non-Jews, understand a very simple truth. I want to share this information so you can make an informed decision. It is time.



Shira Sherbow

When I was a child we were still allowed to pray at school.  My classmates and I asked God for “His Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven”.  I spent a lifetime trying to find out if anyone really knew what that meant.  If there is one thing I learned in all my years, it is that choosing the right teacher is crucial to where you end up. My hours and hours of research and studies led me to choose the Jews as my teachers.  This is a growing phenomenon in our day and a fulfillment of ancient prophecies. The prophet Zechariah foretold there will come a day when “Ten men from the nations will grab the zit-zit of the Jewish man, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.” That is literally what I did.  I met a Jewish teacher, Pesach Sherbow, and “his G-d became my G-d and his people became my people”. This is a verse from the book of Ruth that I heard my whole life; a statement of faith spoken by a non-Jew to a Jew.

Pesach and I were married according to Jewish custom under a Chuppah, March 13, 2018. We know our whole lives led us to where we are now; working together at Torah for the Nations in Tzfat, Israel. I see myself as a messenger from Jews to Non-Jews who want to learn the Jewish perspective on how to “Do on earth as it is in heaven” in preparation for the coming Jewish Messiah. Our intention is not to convert people but to help them participate in the cosmic dialogue between G-d and man.


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