Why we do this

Pesach Sherbow

As most of us have done, I have spent a good part of my 72 years looking for Truth. I wanted to know why to a long list of questions. Born Jewish, raised reformed, always identifying myself as a part of Israel. I went to Conservative and Re-constructionist Judaism. I always had the question: What right do the Rabbis have to tell me what to do? It took a gentile woman (now my wife) looking for the Truth about God to finally get me to understand. I have traveled a very intense road since 1999 working through the various teachings from other religions and then focusing in on Jewish teachings. 15 years reading learning and then being taught by qualified Rabbis and here I am a part of Chabad. I have learned something very important, you do not have to be Jewish or convert for God to love you, redeem you and give you eternal life with Him. Torah for the Nations is now a result. I want to help others, Jews and non-Jews, understand a very simple truth. I want to share this information so you can make an informed decision. It is time.



Shira Sherbow

I am part of a movement destined to become bigger and bigger. Just like when a new product comes out on the market, there are people who are the first ones to buy, then a few more, then before you know it, everyone is grabbing on. In my case, I did not grab a product, I grabbed on to a person, a Jewish man who inspired me. Zechariah prophecied what will happen in the end times “Ten from the Nations will take hold of one Jew and say let us go with you.” (Zechariah:8:23) Not everyone will literally grab on to a Jewish man and go with him like I did, but spiritually speaking, everyone from the nations is obligated to notice and respond to the Jew.

It is very hard for anyone in any generation not to notice something unique that has been evolving since the days of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. When Joseph saved Egypt and the whole world from famine he did it in the name of the God of his father, Israel.

All peoples have been aware that this family has a history like no other. God saved Israel from slavery in Egypt through miracles performed for all to see and physically experience. Everyone in the world saw(even without Facebook) what God did for the Jews. All mankind is obligated to have a response to the Creator of the world and the miracles He performs to keep Israel alive through all the generations against all odds.

Are we going to be inspired by this love relationship and want to also have a relationship with the God of Israel or are we inspired to do away with Israel? The Jews celebrate Hanukkah because the Greeks were inspired to oppress them. In more recent history, the Germans were inspired to murder every Jewish man,woman and child. Radical Moslems are inspired to do away with Israel by killing Jews. Misguided Christians are inspired to do away with Israel by replacing her with Christianity and missionizing Jews to become Christians. If Jews were a “non-issue” then why all this intense reaction throughout history? The Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Crusaders, Spanish Inquisitioners are all peoples who were “inspired” in some way by the Jews and their relationship with our Creator.

God created the world and then set up a game of “Holy Hide-n Seek”. He hides in the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel and then waits to see who from the nations will notice Him and seek after Him. Each one of us from the nations who is looking for God will be inspired one way or another by the Jews. In the end, there will be so much light that it will be obvious where God has been hiding all this time. Why wait till then? Anyone with “eyes to see” can find God. Discover what has been hidden in plain sight all these years.