Why we do this

Pesach Sherbow

As most of us have done, I have sent a good part of my 72 years looking for Truth.I wanted to know why to a long list of questions. Born Jewish, raised reformed, always identifying myself as a part of Israel. I went to Conservative and Re-constructionist Judaism. I always had the question: What right do the Rabbis have to tell me what to do? It took a gentile woman (now my wife) looking for the Truth about God to finally get me to understand. I have traveled a very intense road since 1999 working through the various teachings from other religions and then focusing in on Jewish teachings. 15 years reading learning and then being taught by qualified Rabbis and here I am a part of Chabad. I have learned something very important, you do not have to be Jewish or convert for God to love you, redeem you and give you eternal life with Him. Torah for the Nations is now a result. I want to help others, Jews and non-Jews, understand a very simple truth. I want to share this information so you can make an informed decision. It is time.



Shira Sherbow

In 2011, a friend gave me the web address of a Jewish teacher in Israel. The Bible stories I had heard many times before began to sound very different when taught by a Jewish teacher. This is when I realized an important truth; perspective changes everything. Two people can look at the exact same thing, one will see a six, the other will see a nine. It depends on where they stand. When I made the decision to learn the Bible from a Jewish standpoint everything turned upside down. What I used to call the “Old Testament” I began calling “The Torah”. I am thankful for a teacher who taught me to have “eyes to see” that every single word, every Hebrew letter, even every space, contains secret coded wisdom from God, preserved for thousands of years on Torah Scrolls. From a Jewish perspective, Torah can never be “old” “upgraded” or “replaced” and it is a serious crime to change even one jot or tittle of this sacred document. From the beginning, Jews have been taught that Torah contains relevant instructions to be passed down to all generations. God commanded the Jews to teach Torah and be a light to the nations, ultimately leading to the coming of the Messiah and redemption.

Even though God does not require the nations of the world to lead a Jewish lifestyle, He does require all of mankind to refrain from causing harm to each other and to live in peace. This website provides guidance and information concerning the obligations for peoples from all nations to live eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven.