Final Redemption

                            At “Torah for the Nations” we are aiming to bridge the gap between the Jewish People and all the nations of the world, in step with the idea of being a “Light Unto the Nations”. People are in darkness. Many are searching for answers, while others are not even aware of the darkness. Some are seeking G-d, while others do not even realize He is hiding. The time is ripe for a worldwide spiritual awakening. Our assignment from The Creator is to teach the foundation from which all truth derives. It is our universal mission to perfect the world, Jew and non-Jew alike. We are partners with G-d in Creation. The completion of the world will only be complete when all the nations unite to serve G-d with single purpose, thus fulfilling our universal obligation to Our Maker.

Throughout history, people have enlisted spiritual guides to help them make more informed decisions. “Torah for the Nations” is literally and spiritually strategically located for this function. We are in Tzfat, “a city on a hill”, the highest city in the Galilee and in Israel. Even though Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel, it has been a well- kept secret, even to most Israeli’s. However, according to the great mystics of the past, Tzfat is to play an important role in the final redemption. We are here waiting to guide the individual to discover the key to unlock the path back to the Creator. The secret study of Hebrew scriptures is now accessible for non-Jewish audiences as well, as it is connected with the ‘7 Principals of Faith’ which are taught in the Torah for all humanity. We are available to study these principals with those not fully aware and those who know nothing about them at all. We invite you to take a peek into the insights and secrets of the ages that serve as a unique bridge and connection between the Jewish People and the Nations.

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