Why we do this

Pesach Sherbow

As most of us have done, I have spent a good part of my 72 years looking for Truth. I wanted to know why to a long list of questions. Born Jewish, raised reformed, always identifying myself as a part of Israel. I went to Conservative and Re-constructionist Judaism. I always had the question: What right do the Rabbis have to tell me what to do? It took a gentile woman (now my wife) looking for the Truth about God to finally get me to understand. I have traveled a very intense road since 1999 working through the various teachings from other religions and then focusing in on Jewish teachings. 15 years reading learning and then being taught by qualified Rabbis and here I am a part of Chabad. I have learned something very important, you do not have to be Jewish or convert for God to love you, redeem you and give you eternal life with Him. Torah for the Nations is now a result. I want to help others, Jews and non-Jews, understand a very simple truth. I want to share this information so you can make an informed decision. It is time.

Shira Sherbow

The first time I read the creation story in the Bible, I had a question. If God rested on the seventh day, then why do we rest on the first day? Why do businesses close on Sunday and not Saturday? It seemed like a simple question.
I got many different answers over the years, but nothing satisfied me as being a good enough answer.

If there’s one thing I learned when it comes to getting answers to biblical questions….it depends who you ask.

When I was in my forties, I came accross some teachers on television talking about the Jewish Sabbath.
Soon after that I made the life-changing decision to start seeking wisdom from Jewish sages and scholars. Learning the Bible from a Jewish perspective opened up a whole new world for me. It felt like I was coming home to something that had always been deep down inside of me.

I heard about a Jewish teacher named Paul Sherbow from Israel. He ran a radio program over the internet. I began listening to his teachings in 2011. Paul was traveling to the USA twice a year at that time. I met him at a couple meetings when he came through Texas to give teachings and interviews. In 2013 we began talking long-distance. After talking for a few months we decided to get married. We got married, then I moved with him to Israel in October 2013.

I became more and more drawn to the original Jewish books and all the mystical secrets of the original hebrew letters. I told Paul one morning I wanted to become part of Israel, not just an Israeli citizen, but part of the ancient spiritual family of Israel. He told me “I’m right behind you”. He was telling me that this was something he could not lead me in, it had to be my own decision.

We moved from the beach in Kiryat Yam to an English-speaking Orthodox community in the mountains of Tzfat. Both our lives began to transform. It seemed like every six months we were new people. We changed as individuals and as a couple. On March 13, 2018, I had my mikvah and a few hours later we were married under the chuppah.

We began our relationship as Paul and Sherry. Four and a half years later we transformed into Pesach and Shira.

Today we work together at Torah for the Nations. We are here for anyone who would like Jewish answers to their Bible questions.

Would you like to talk? We would love to meet you!