The Fourth Revolution is NOW

Jew and non-Jew alike are responsible to keep the basic laws incumbent upon all human beings.

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Torah is how the Creator shares the purpose, intent and desire behind all that exists.

Our intention is not to convert people but to help them participate in the Cosmic dialogue between G-d and Man

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What sets man apart from all the other creatures?

It is his ability to study and be astounded by the remarkable design of the universe. We have the unique capability to contemplate the skies and verify the existence of G-d. "Lift your eyes upon high and perceive Who created these!" (Isaiah 40:26) Learning to appreciate the complexity and beauty of nature surely brings one to a greater awareness and love for G-d. But have you ever thought about how, before our Creator spoke the world into existence, He needed to create words, and in order to have words, He needed to design an alphabet? Before G-d created all the beautiful things we see in nature, He created letters and put the letters together to form words. The letters, words and sentences spoken by G-d are lovingly referred to by the Jewish nation as "Torah". The Zohar says "He looked in the Torah and created the world..." It is our goal to help the world attain more love and awe for G-d by seriously contemplating the beauty, complexity and harmony of Torah.