There Are No Co-Incidences

By Shira Sherbow

Noah is remembered as the righteous man who built the ark during the great flood. When he and his family stepped out of the ark, the world they had known no longer existed. Noah’s son, Shem, rose to the occasion and became a teacher.  He understood firsthand how society’s problems affect everyone and we are all responsible to fix them. Shem was there when God made a covenant with his father, Noah. He proactively began to disseminate the wisdom of the Seven Universal Laws from a school he and his grandson, Eber, founded in Safed.

Since the days of the great flood, Safed has been known as a holy city that draws holy scholars and teachers. Isaac’s wife, Rebecca, went to Safed to see Shem and inquire of God about what was happening in her womb. Later, her son Jacob studied with Shem for many years.

Since days of old, Safed has been known as the place where the spiritual meets the physical and where East meets West. It is the place where secrets about God and His plan for the world are made known to all mankind. The first printing press in the Middle East was set up in Safed and the first Hebrew book to be printed in Israel was published in Safed.

The world I grew up in forty years ago no longer exists. Water hasn’t flooded the earth like in the days of Noah, but since the internet flooded the world, educators are now able to spread wisdom rapidly. In the 1980’s, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson had eyes to see the connection between the flood waters of old and the modern day information flood. He commissioned his followers to use modern technology to educate the world to the Seven Universal Laws to bring World Peace.

It is no co-incidence that Israel became a State in 1948 and has not been blown off the map by now. It is no co-incidence we now have the internet and technology to provide a way for Jews to share information rapidly to everyone.

My husband and I had numerous conversations about the Noahide Laws because I had concerns about my children and grandchildren who are not Jewish. I converted to Judaism after my children were already grown. After much research, we were relieved to learn about our Creator’s covenant with Noah and the path available for so many of our loved ones to connect with Almighty God. It is no co-incidence Pesach and I are now in a position to teach residents, tourists, friends, and family the relevance of the Seven Noahide Laws.

In February of 2018, I was honored to be invited to the home of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. Rabbi Ginsburgh is a well-known speaker and author of many books including “Kabbalah and Meditation for the Nations”. He teaches the mystical secrets behind the Seven Universal Laws and how each of the seven laws corresponds to one of the seven divine emotional attributes (sefirot) and to one of the seven colors of the rainbow. When I was able to question him personally about the relationship between Jews and Non-Jews, he referred me to his teaching, “Fourth Revolution in Torah Learning”. His article about teaching the Seven Laws of Noah can be found at Rabbi Ginsburgh warmly welcomed our group of women from Safed led by our teacher and his longtime student, Mrs. Sara Sandler. 

Rav Ginsburgh agrees with the great mystics of the past who say Safed is to play a key role in the final redemption. He encouraged us by saying the “women of Safed” will be highly instrumental in bringing Mashiach. The Ari (Rabbi Isaac Luria) said that until the third temple is built, the Shekinah (God’s manifest presence) rests above Safed.

Things seem to be coming full circle as more and more people are turning to Shem’s descendants for context of the Hebrew Bible. According to Deuteronomy 4:6-7 “All the peoples of the earth will recognize Israel as the great nation full of wisdom and understanding” Like in the days of King David and Solomon, many are drawn to the mystical secrets in Torah. It is no- coincidence Jews and Non-Jews find themselves mysteriously longing to connect with the Jewish heritage and feel drawn to the land of Israel.

 If you find yourself with a natural desire to be a blessing to Israel and are willing to show honor, respect, and friendship without any agenda, then we are here for you. Come visit us, Pesach and Shira Sherbow, #1 Kikar HaMeganim, Safed, or contact us at Torah for the Nations website. We know it is no-coincidence we are right here right now for “Such a Time as This” and we would love to talk with you!