How does the Creator expect mankind to handle pressure and negative circumstances?


We were not created to be passive victims. What our Creator expects from mankind is a partnership. He created the world with both darkness and light to show us that a certain amount of anxiety in our life is normal. A full “one day” is complete only when it includes both darkness and light. It is known that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn. At times there is a gap between a problem and knowing the solution. The gap is a time of testing. Tests are not passed with understanding or reason, they are passed with simple, yet rock solid, functioning faith. A living faith bridges the gap between the challenge and the response and is expressed in energy, enthusiasm and joy. Our Creator expects us to be righteous and faithful individuals who accept negative circumstances happily, yet at the same time ask and trust Him to change those circumstances. After a negative event has occurred, man’s part is to thank G-d for what has occurred, bless G-d for happy news, and bless Him for the opposite as well. This must be carried out joyfully, reaffirming whatever our Creator does is for the good. When one is faced with a problem where at first there seems to be no ready answer, a faithful person firmly declares that there is an answer and that eventually he will find it.