Our Journey

Looking back, we see that everything in our lives has led us to this moment. In fact, we think our meeting was a “set-up” by G-d. There is no other explanation why we came together except that there was a job to be done – the job we are doing now at “Torah for the Nations” Education Center in Tzfat.

It’s no-coincidence we are here today working to bring the knowledge of the Seven Noahide Laws to both Jews and Non-Jews.

Legend has it that Noah’s son Shem and his great-grandson Ever, taught the Seven Laws of Noah to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the cave of Shem and Ever – one of the oldest historic sites in Tzfat

Things have come full circle as we are here in Tzfat thousands of years later ….still teaching The Seven Universal Noahide Commandments given by God to all mankind through Moses at Mount Sinai.

We worked on putting together this website because the time is ripe for a worldwide spiritual revolution. Prophecies are being fulfilled as those from the nations seek out Jewish wisdom and the secrets about God and His plan for the world. Those who benefit most from our teachings recognize the Jews as being “a light to the nations” and then try to live by that light.