What is the whole purpose of man?

Man has only one contribution or purpose to fulfill for his Creator. One job. It is a job that angels cannot do because they are heavenly beings and animals cannot do because they are earthly beings. Man is both a spiritual and physical being, perfectly suited for one particular task – choosing his reaction in any given situation. The whole purpose of man is to do the right thing in any given set of circumstances in which he finds himself. Ironic as it seems, G-d wants us to be free to serve Him. Free to have restrictions. Free to live by His rules. Man’s whole mission in this world is to wrestle with and overcome insecurities and selfish desires, choosing instead to do the will of G-d. We are all presented with unique opportunities and challenges and it is our lot in life to utilize them for G-d and His Divine purpose. Inevitably, G-d will present a situation in front of us where we feel inadequate for the task. Our fear and insecurity is irrelevant when we fear the One Who gave us the task more than the fear itself. Knowing how large is our responsibility and how small we are in comparison is the challenge each of us faces at various times. When we pray, it is important to focus on that one meaningful word “Your”. Your will be done. Reaching one’s full potential and purpose for living starts with the awareness of a reality beyond our own which defines and directs all we do.