What is Torah?

The Torah was given openly in front of millions of witnesses to be a source of peace and a common thread that unites all mankind. It brought to the world values such as charity, brotherhood and forgiveness. For the past 3,300 years, the Jewish tribes have lovingly referred to the first five books of the Jewish Bible as “The Torah” or “The Five Books of Moses”. This book of all books has been likened to a marriage contract, a dance of life, a song of creation, and a guide for living. King David said the Torah made him wiser than his enemies, it was his occupation all day long, and it is better than silver and gold. These divine instructions, given to the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai, challenged man to live by the highest standards of morality and ethics, and continues to inspire countless Jews and non-Jews to this very day. It is seen as a grave sin for man to change even one jot or tittle of the Divine Torah. It’s preservation has been the priority of the Jewish people to the point of death for hundreds of years. Any individual can choose to deepen his love relationship between him and his Creator by pursuing Torah’s wisdom and living accordingly. The starting place or minimal obligation to be in good standing with the Creator is to follow the Seven Universal Laws given to mankind after the flood.