Now is the Time

From The Rebbe

Sichos In English
Volume 35

Purim, 5747

A similar question is asked regarding the constant stress on spreading the Noachide Commandments to non-Jews. Here again there is a clear ruling from the Rambam that every Jew is required to do so. The question is asked though, since this law has been in effect for many hundreds of years, why is it that only recently has it been stressed, and so constantly?

There are two explanations regarding why now the Seven Mitzvos must be spread. The simple reason, as explained by commentaries on the Rambam, is that in previous generations it was impossible to influence non-Jews in this regard. Any attempt to influence a non-Jew in religious matters would put one’s life in danger. And even when it no longer was a matter of life and death, it was still dangerous enough that people were exempt from the obligation of reaching out to the Bnei Noach.

Today, however, we see that the world has changed drastically. Not only is it possible to influence non-Jews without endangering oneself, but they are actually appreciative. When notified that there is a “Super-Being” and that they can help fulfill making the world a better place through keeping the Seven Mitzvos, they see that you care for their well-being. Frequently, they will even show their appreciation by helping him in his livelihood, etc.

This is also the other reason for the stress on the Seven Mitzvos. Since the world has changed, and Moshiach has nevertheless not come, every individual must do everything possible to hasten his coming.

It would be appropriate that at every gathering of Jews, it should be announced: “Jews, attention! A single additional good act from one of you could be the final act which brings the redemption!”

And although there are many complaints and excuses as to why it is improper to speak about Moshiach’s coming…these complaints themselves are a sign of how badly the world needs him! The darkness is so great that people don’t even realize that they’re in darkness. The very speaking about Moshiach itself nullifies these complaints.

Similarly with the Seven Mitzvos: the time has come to prepare the world for Moshiach. This includes making it a “settled place” through spreading the Seven Mitzvos.