Marianela González

My name is Marianela González. I was born in the beautiful city of Santiago, Chile, located in the South America continent. My family, driven by a Coup d’état in the year 1978, immigrated to the United States, California. This is how begins a new stage of my life in this beautiful country.

For his part, my spiritual journey begins in the year 1999, when I had to face new professional, emotional, but especially spiritual challenges. It was a moment of struggle and suffering that led me to question the existence of God, and wonder what my purpose in this world was? Then I begin an extraordinary search for finding God. Today I can corroborate that my decision and determination were equally decisive, because the encounter with the “eternal” soon arrived.

With the desire to bring his word to all possible souls, I made several trips to different countries where we carry the message of hope and spiritual renewal. The year 2006, for its part, was a year of revelations. One day, as I prayed, I felt his presence; God said to me, “Celebrate my feasts.” Not knowing how to interpret his message, I started an investigation into the Jewish festivities, and so was born my devotion to know in depth the people of Israel. After a while, God reveals to me the importance of “Sabbath,”: “God blessed the seventh day, and sanctify it, for on that day rest of all his creative work.” Genesis 2:3. Message continues to say, “I speak also unto Moses, saying, and you will speak unto the children of Israel, saying, verily you ye keep my days of repose, for it is a sign between me and you for your generations, that ye may know that I am the Lord Sanctify “Exodus 31:12, 13

Little by little I understood the great need and responsibility to inform about these celebrations established eternally. It is a fact that the world celebrates pagan feasts and ignores those of God. They also teach us the scriptures: “[the] people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. After inquiring and confirming God’s revelation for my life, I wish with all the joy of my heart to share the importance of holy feasts, without However, and sadly, the message was ignored by the spiritual leaders whom I supported. Sadly, I understood that many only seek to follow their own human and religious doctrines, but scrapping qualities, for me, much more important, such as: passion and selfless love of doing their will. This experience took me away from the churches, but the desire to serve God did not turn away from me. In the year 2010, in Dinuba, California, God gives me the opportunity to share this message with a Hispanic church and the pastor opens the doors of his church to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles. A united people pleasing the eternal, and they accepted the feasts of God, and with the support of this group of people, I led the feasts of God in the years 2010 and 2011. I would like to emphasize that it was two years of much prayer and dedication. God has greatly blessed this work, and finally my dreams of teaching the Hispanic people about God’s holy feasts begin to take place. I started the Sabbath celebration in my home with a group of friends, especially because I felt the need to join in spirit and truth with their people, Israel.

Then in the year 2012 I visited for the first time the Holy Land. My first visit was to Jerusalem and my only wish was to be in front of the prayer wall to thank the eternal for his loyalty, it was a moment of great blessing because I also took with me the requests of many believers. It was a divine moment, I remained six hours continuous of prayer.  At that moment, God made me the next revelation, “This Hebrew people know me.” were words that were They recorded in my heart forever. The eternal God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob delivered the Torah to Israel and we must support the mission of teaching it to all nations to prepare the coming of our beloved Messiah: “Certainly none of those who wait in you will be ashamed” Psalm 25:3 These were words of hope for my life.  This year, 2018, again Jehovah surprises me when searching the Internet for Torah studies, I find the organization “Torah for Nations.” This door opens to expand my knowledge in relation to the Torah, I felt fully identify with the mission of Pesach and Shira.

Therefore, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony through your organization and at the same time to be able to spread the importance of returning to the old paths where the patriarchs left indelible traces for the new generations.

Kind regards

Marianela González