Who is obligated to trust in G-d?

All human beings are commanded to believe in G-d, but must they trust Him as well? G-d did not create the world for there to be chaos, but for it to be civilized. American money says “In God we Trust” because logic dictates that all mankind has an obligation to protect goodness and act in a civilized way. Faith in G-d and His goodness has been passed down from father to son, father to son, ever since Abraham. Abraham worked to impress the belief in One G-d on to all human beings. The requirement is not only to believe that G-d exists, but that G-d is good and that He desires good for His creations. Therefore, people too, must enforce goodness. It is reasonable to conclude that part of every man’s absolute belief in G-d and his renunciation of idolatry, which is one of the Universal Laws, includes to recognize God as the source of all good. The purpose of the Seven Universal Laws is for mankind to make this world a civilized place. To fulfill this mission properly, a person must believe in the premise that G-d is good – and only good- and therefore, we too must emulate Him and promote goodness on earth. If G-d is the source of all good, then every person, regardless of race or background, must turn to Him for their needs and trust in Him that He will only do good.