Terry Hayes

I spent 44 years of my life in some form of Christianity. I had been an associate pastor and a Messianic Christian teacher in a small congregation. In 2009 I came to the knowledge about One True God of Israel and left all Christianity. My wife and I would spend the next 6+ years studying and preparing ourselves for Jewish conversion.

 It was only after we had put our house on the market to sell so we could move and take our next step in the conversion process, I had a thought while in prayer and meditation. Psalm 62 came to mind, I got my Artscroll Tehillim/Psalms out and read it. It talked about God being my refuge, stronghold, salvation and more. The question that came to mind was, “If God was already these things for me, then what would conversion add to it?”

Among other thoughts along those lines, my wife and I decided Conversion was not for us and took on the Noahide Laws as our walk with the Creator. Pesach had come across a blog I write and contacted me. We talked for a while and I knew it was Divine Providence that we met. I have since linked up with him and Torah For The Nations. We formed a partnership of Jew and gentile working together to share the Light of Torah, our Father’s instructions to the non-Jewish nations – the Noahide Laws.