We are One

What does it mean that G-d is One and we are One with Him and One with each other?

If our purpose in life is to serve G-d, then we become unified with others who have made that same choice. We unite together as one to carry out HIS plan and HIS purpose. Each of us has an inspiring reason for being here. Each of us is capable of bringing out the wonder of His creation in some way that no one else can. Our purpose is our song. G-d gave each of His creations a hum, a breath, a vibration that is in a constant state of motion. The trees sing their song, the grass sings its, the frogs sing another. Every cell, every element, every particle has its song in which it is united with all of its species, harmonized with all the universe, and perfectly bonded with our Infinite Creator.

We are here this moment, but can so easily be gone the next. On the one hand, we each have a magnificent purpose for being here, on the other hand, the moment we believe we are something outside of G-d, we are nothing. Life only has meaning and purpose when we align our will with His will. Pledging “Your will be done” to our King, produces a life of unity and oneness. Every day that we live outside of His will is a day of existing but not truly living. Our Father created the world with a plan, a specific design and a purpose. Everything is connected because He is One and everything He created is inside of Him and under His control. This means that even “evil” is under His control. Nothing can exist outside of Him or compete with Him. We can calmly and faithfully serve Him knowing He is a loving Father who has our best interest at heart. If we do our job and carry out His commands, we can be confident in His goodness and righteousness.