Among the important things hidden in plain sight is the fact that Torah provides laws for both Jews and non-Jews, which guide each according to his birthright toward righteousness in the eyes of Hashem. Unlike Christians or Muslims, Jews are not out to convert anyone. We do not tell people about how they will ‘go to hell’ unless they become Jewish.
Simply said, – there is no need to say such things: Hashem created the world with Jews and non-Jews in it so surely He created His Law to guide each of His creation. Noachide Law is the guide for non-Jews toward righteousness. Its very puzzling how small the Noachide movement is world-wide and how stubbornly people stick to man-made religions and refuse to follow this proper and very simple set of laws for gentiles. Just as Jews need to do massive t’shuva to follow our Law, gentiles need to do the same to follow the part of Law which pertains to them. May we see falsehoods abandoned and Truth embraced by all.

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