The language of creation.

The word of G-d is alive, living and active. Each word is made of a combination of Hebrew letters which are the fundamental fabric of the cosmos. The sound each letter makes, as well as their written form, determine various forces of creative energy that generate our material world. G-d has infused His creation with a heartbeat and a rhythm. He composed exact musical ratios which the harmony of the universe is dependent on for existence. The language of creation is not the usual way we think of words, but rather revelation and expression of divine creative thought. The thoughts of G-d have been revealed to us as musical vibrations. He is the Master Choreographer! The notes of each being’s song are encoded in the name it is called in Hebrew. Intentional study of Torah and the Hebrew letters leads one to recognize that it is written by G-d and to feel love and desire to draw near to Him. The overwhelming richness of the patterns and harmony of the overall structure of Torah causes the Torah student to gasp in amazement at G-d’s wisdom.

Shira Sherbow